Information on, and how to order, this video.
Families Coping With Mental Illness is available in two VHS versions:

a 22-minute version, ideal for short classes and workshops.

a 43-minute version for the benefits of leisurely viewing.

Same content -- the longer tape is richer, with examples and more details.
Discussion guide accompanies each tape.
Purchase both tapes --have the right length for all needs -- and save money.
Special introductory price for institutions:

22-min. version $54.95
43-min. version $54.95

Discounted price for family members:
(prepaid by check, MC, or VISA)

22-min. version $29.95
43-min. version $29.95

Shipping and handling: $9 per shipment.
Order both versions and we pay shipping!

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  • By telephone:
    With the information provided above just dial 1-800-343-5540.
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