The Mental Illness Education Project Videos

The Project's videotapes are designed to be used in hospital, clinical and educational settings, and at home by individuals and families. Low selling prices ensure that the tapes can be afforded by all who are concerned with mental illness. Printed support materials will accompany each videotape to provide further insights and resources. Net income is invested in continuing educational production.

Families Coping with Mental Illness
Who can profit from the tape? Family members of people with serious mental illness will find the tape supportive and informative. Mental health professionals from all fields will gain important insights into what families face.

The Bonnie Tapes
Bonnie--an attractive and articulate young woman with schizophrenia--in discussions with her family and with mental health professionals.
General audiences will find Bonnie's account of coping with schizophrenia a revelation. She and her family provide a much needed picture of the possibilities of recovering from mental illness.

The Mental Illness Education Project seeks to improve the care and prognosis of people with psychiatric disabilities through video-based programs for those with disabilities, their families, mental health professionals and students, and others. This is a considerable undertaking in an area of great need. We invite you to join our effort. We welcome your inquiries, your suggestions and your financial support.

The Mental Illness Education Project, Inc., is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation and welcomes your contributions. Early videotape production has been supported in part by the Polaroid Foundation.

Principal Advisors: Nancy C. Andreasen, M.D., Ph.D., William A. Anthony, Ph.D., Kayla F. Bernheim, Ph.D., Frederick J. Frese, Ph.D., Henry Grunebaum, M.D., Agnes B. Hatfield, Ph.D., Dale Johnson, Ph.D., Harriet Lefley, Ph.D., Kenneth Terkelsen, M.D., Lyman Wynne, M.D. Project Consultants: Joan C. Nemser, M.S.W., Lenore H. Pollen, M.S.W. Director of Research and Outreach: Barbara A. Lynch, Ph.D.

Executive Director: Lucia Miller Project Director: Jack Churchill
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