"The videotapes will be invaluable in empowering families to become part of the treatment and rehabilitation process."

William A. Anthony, Ph.D
Executive Director, Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation
Boston University, Boston, Mass.

Praise for: Families Coping With Mental Illness

"This videotape shows real people talking about their experiences with the mental illness of family members. It conveys, as no textbook can, their struggles and their wisdom. One theme is the profound importance of respectful, informative, and sensitive professional response -- and it's too frequent absence. Professionals in training should see this tape. It is a powerful learning tool, particularly for social workers and others attempting to help families cope with mental illness."

Professor Ann Fleck-Henderson
Chair, Human Behavior and Social Environment Department
Simmons College School of Social Work, Boston, Mass.

"This is really exceptionally important work, both for the quality and the caliber of the presentation, and for the substance."

Lynne M.Shuster
Coordinator of Administration
Alliance for the Mentally Ill of Buffalo and Erie County
Buffalo, New York

"The goals of the project and the videotape are extraordinary. Because of the quality and usefulness of what you are doing within the project for families, I hope we can be helpful."

Michael M. Faenza
Executive Director, Mental Health Association of Greater Dallas
Dallas, Texas

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