An invaluable tape for families and mental health professionals alike!
Families Coping with Mental Illness
What it's like, how to help, how to survive.

Early Nightmares

What it is like when your child or sibling becomes mentally ill. First experiences with mental health professionals and hospitalization. How the family members were treated: What was good and what was not. How they felt.

Accounts of trying to get an ill child or sibling admitted to the hospital. Avoidable mistakes. Information you may not know you need.

Suggestions for Survival

Advice for people with a mentally ill family member. Down-to-earth suggestions: selecting a psychiatrist, coping with the problems of handling money, and dealing with holidays. A basic theme: setting limits so as to be able to have your own life.

Coping With Problems That Don't Go Away

A brief look at the ongoing impact of having a mentally ill family member. The impact on your expectations for yourself and for your mentally ill child or sibling. Concerns for the future.

The Participants include ten parents and siblings from the Boston, Massachusetts area. Schizophrenia and bipolar disorder are both represented, with lengths of illness ranging from three to 40 years. The discussions are conducted by Joan Nemser, MSW and Lenore Pollen, MSW, social workers with extensive experience giving seminars for families.
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