Insights into the problems of living with mental illness...
For Families --

Many families have never met others who have a mentally ill family member. Whether you know other families or have been coping alone, Families Coping With Mental Illness can be a profound experience.

View the tape at home, with other members of your family, with friends, or by yourself, for both education and encouragement.

Use it with family groups, at Alliance for the Mentally Ill meetings, and with other support groups.

Use the tape in groups including both family members and professionals. The sharing of experiences will help professionals and family members understand one another!

For mental health professionals --

Many professionals, unfamiliar with what families experience, want more guidance in their relationships with families. Students in a variety of health professions find the insights eye-opening.

Use this videotape to stimulate rich discussions in classes and seminars for students, professionals, and others.

Show it to groups of family members for education as well as support.

Provide it to hospital and emergency room staffs to lend to families.

Use it in police training and with others whose duties involve people with mental illness and their families.

Show Families Coping With Mental Illness to general audiences to provide insight into the problems of living with mental illness. The warmth and compassion of the participants in the tape help combat the stigma of mental illness.
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