"People with mental illness need other people to be warm to them, to accept them, to love them and care for them."

"What helped me most was when I got feedback from them, from the psychiatrists-it's the worst thing in the world having so many problems, and needing so many answers, and having a psychiatrist that sits and says nothing."

"I feel like I ruined my own life, you know. I feel like it's my fault."

"And sometimes the recovery part is acceptance, that you have an illness, that you have to deal with it the rest of your life. You have to make up support systems-family, friends, doctors, church, because then you know you're not alone."

"I may not be as sick as I was a year ago, but I still, you know, I was the only one in a parking lot and I still hear people talking about me. And it's so derogatory."

"What's really teasing about it is that when it goes away-and you finally realize, wow, hey, I'm a good person, I can look good-the world around you is still looking at you like a mentally ill person."

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