The Bonnie Tapes

For Families

With The Bonnie Tapes, families can begin to share their experiences with others. They can learn and take courage from the responses of another real family.

Seeing that improvement is possible is an important step in helping a family member move toward recovery.

Too often what everyone hears about mental illness is negative and hopeless.

A major message of the tapes is: Never give up hope!

The ability of Bonnie's family to communicate, to discuss their emotions with each other, is inspiring. Viewing and talking about The Bonnie Tapes can be a life-changing phenomenon for many people.

For Professionals

In today's managed care environment, professionals are increasingly dependent on the support and help of families. The Bonnie Tapes will help this process by providing a compelling introduction to the issues faced by all the members of a family when mental illness strikes.

Professionals-in-training will gain specific knowledge about what families--and their ill family members--have faced. And still face.

Bonnie describes schizophrenia with remarkable clarity, giving voice to the concerns and feelings of others less able to talk about it.

A rare opportunity to meet someone who is articulate about the illness and the recovery process.

For General Audiences

Bonnie's account of coping with schizophrenia will be a revelation to people whose view of mental illness has been shaped by the popular media. She and her family provide an intimate view of a frequently feared, often misrepresented, and much stigmatized illness--and of the human side of learning to live with a psychiatric disability.

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